Training and Capacity Building Workshops for the Small Grants Programme, India

As part of implementation of the Small grants Programme in India, the Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) conducted Training and Capacity Building Workshops with NGOs in the three focus landscapes of central Semi-Arid Region, North-Eastern Highlands, and the Indian Coastal Region in the month of November, 2022. The Workshops were held in Sindhudurg, Madurai, Ratnagiri, Bongaigon, Nalbari, Shillong, Guwahati, Damoh, Chattarpur, Barwarni and Indore. With the intention to better prepare NGOs to apply for the Community Grants, the workshops provided NGO participants detailed information on how to fill up the proposal form.

The Seventh Operational Phase of SGP in India will follow a time-based approach to project selection, with proposals from interested NGOs to be submitted before a deadline. Following a landscape strategy approach, this modality will target projects that help reach the overall goals of SGP across landscapes that have potential for innovation partnerships and scaling up.

Additionally, sessions were also held on Project Safeguards and Landscape Strategy for the respective regions. Safeguards provide a lens for organizations to identify and integrate UNDP’s Social and Environmental Programming principals to maximize benefits derived from any project. The Landscape Strategy was discussed to help NGOs align their project ideas with the larger targets and requirements of SGP OP7. It covered the identified developmental challenges and needs in the implementation districts, and provided potential projects in the focal themes of SGP India.